Mikawa Automatic Carton Blanking Machine

Super Avance 21

Feb. 2015


It was a big problem to remove the waste in process of carton blanking.
Super Avance 21 can remove its waste automatically in process of blanking and can reduce the cost and process.
Super Avance 21 realized one-man & one line operation.

New web site of Kay Trading Ltd. Is just opened

Cherry Blossom

Feb. 2015


The web site is successfully opened to introduce Kay Trading Ltd., who is exporting and importing Agricultural machines, Industrial machines Environment equipments and many other spare parts from Japan to Foreign countries and from foreign countries to Japan. 
We promise to create new business.

Shredder made in Japan is working at job site in Hong Kong!

Ohashi Shredder GS281D

Feb. 2015


In the past, as you may know, in Hong Kong an airplane could not stop approaching
and landing through the forest of building.
But at the same time, this thrilling flight was the high spot of the Hong Kong tour.

And now there is a wide, big and wonderful international airport at the foot of 
Lantau mountain, 30 km far from the center of Hong Kong.

So the old airport has been in no use and taking a rest for a while but at last
new town project has just started and it will be completed in 10 years.

A new town with infrastructures like roads, water and sewage, electric power erc
will come out soon together with business quarter, multistory buildings, parks etc.

Firstly they started building a new electric power station, one of the most important
Infrastructures where our shredder machine, Ohashi Shredder GS281 is working.

Usually there are many kind of scraps that come out from construction job site.
Recently it is a tendency to re-use those scraps by shreddering and to decrease
the scrap volume by compressing as eco-marking things like recyclable and
Environmentally friendly products. The pressing need in Hong Kong is to build up
up new environment that not generate CO2. and to hold the damage to minimum. 

Here is the environmental equipment that works at job site.